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Taking care of a lawn involves a lot of work, so much more than just mowing the grass from time to time. To keep your yard looking sharp, give Prime Pest and Lawn a call for lawn care services. 

We take the burden off the shoulders of our loyal clients. Our monthly treatments run from April to September, which is the most prevalent time for lawn troubles to occur. We utilize six intensive treatments to specifically tackle the kinds of weeds and grubs that infest lawns.

These six treatments per year include comprehensive support for:

  • Balanced fertilization
  • Weed control
  • Weed prevention
  • Crabgrass control
  • Grub control and prevention
  • Winterization treatment
  • Unlimited free service calls

For truly reliable lawn care service, reach out to our technicians today at (385) 438-2920, or get ahold of our helpful team online.

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Our team is ready to tackle your pest and lawn issues today. Give us a call at (385) 438-2920 or click the contact us button below to schedule your free estimate.

The Advantages of Thorough Fertilizer Care

Arranging for professional fertilizer support is one of the greatest gifts that homeowners can give to their lawns. Grass, trees, flowers, and other plants require essential vitamins and minerals just as much as they need sunshine and water. Expert fertilization treatments are optimal for any busy resident since they take away yet another chore off a never-ending task list.

Some of the primary reasons for scheduling regular fertilizer treatments for a lawn include:

  • Fertilizer restores critical nutrients in the soil that have been washed away
  • The grass will grow to look much more lush, green, and vibrant
  • Treatments will improve the health of flowers, trees, bushes, and other plants on the lawn
  • Plants will grow more quickly after the winter
  • Fertilization treatments are safe for the environment
  • Many kinds of fertilizers prevent grubs and other lawn pests

How Often Should Weed Control Be Scheduled?

There are few things as frustrating as admiring a freshly planted or mown lawn only to discover weeds popping up the next day. It is extremely annoying to homeowners that weeds grow much more quickly than desirable plants, like flowers and grass. Weeds are also much hardier, and able to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Worse of all, grubs and other pesky bugs don’t seem to bother them the way they do with homeowners’ prized gardens and lawns.

Because weeds are so impervious to natural forces, they are very tough to remove by normal cutting tactics or even over-the-counter cures. Simply cutting down a weed’s head does nothing but make it return stronger than ever, and most generic sprays don’t keep weeds down for long. It is best to schedule a regular weed treatment program with professionals, usually once a month. However, this greatly depends on what kind of weed is causing havoc in the yard. Some weeds can be treated more quickly, while others require more extensive action. Our specialists at Prime Pest and Lawn can identify the troublemaker and advise accordingly.

For a beautiful, weed-free property, contact us online or give us a call at (385) 438-2920 for effective lawn care services.

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