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Whether you’re dealing with rodents, roaches, or any other type of infestation, Prime Pest and Lawn has the services you need to safely and thoroughly evict your unwanted guests. 

We offer a variety of tailored solutions for both residential and commercial pest control customers. Our technicians have over a decade of experience and are available for same-day services and even limited emergency services. We take pests seriously, and we’re your one-stop shop for serious pest control solutions.

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How to Prevent Pest Infestations

  • Take Out the Trash – Pests love trash, so disposing of inside and outside trash regularly is a great deterrent.
  • Take Care of Your Lawn An unkempt lawn leaves pests with a lot of places to hide. Keeping your grass trimmed and weeded can prevent them from making themselves at home.
  • Keep Food Secured – If pests can’t get into your food containers, they might choose to look for sustenance somewhere else.
  • Make Cleaning Part of Your Routine – Regularly cleaning and sanitizing floors, furniture, counters, and every other part of your home can do a lot to prevent pest activity.
  • Patch-Up Holes – If there are holes in your fence, your doors, your walls, or other exterior surfaces, get them patched to deny pests entry onto your property.
  • Have a Pest Control Company On Call – Regular maintenance visits from a pest control specialist can keep your home protected, and knowing who to call at the first sign of pest activity can stop potential infestations in their tracks.

Can You DIY Pest Control?

Oftentimes, homeowners take on the challenge of taking on DIY projects, but pest control is not one of them if inexperienced. Pest control involves a thorough analysis that requires special tools to inspect and treat pests. Hiring a professional will help increase the chances of preventing a future infestation from happening. 

Is Paying for Pest Control Worth It?

Pest control can be worth it because pest control companies can provide a more thorough and reliable service than DIY solutions. They have the proper certifications, training, and experience to tackle pest problems and can also offer follow-up treatments to prevent future infestations.

Address Infestations Fast

If you notice ants in your pantry, spiders in your garage, or wasps in your yard, it’s important to get the issue under control as soon as possible. Pests aren’t just annoying; they can be dangerous under the right circumstances. Some pests spread diseases, and others can eat away at the foundations of your structures. By calling a pest control services provider ASAP, you can minimize the threat that these infestations pose to you, your property, and the people you care about.

Hazards Related to Pests Include:

  • Diseases like Rabies and Lyme Disease
  • Asthma and allergy triggers
  • Fleas and Ticks
  • Structural damages
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