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Looking for a team of spider experts to stop a messy infestation? Our technicians at Prime Pest and Lawn are ready to help. With dedicated Salt Lake City spider control, homeowners can rid their houses of these eight-legged creatures. 

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What Draws Spiders into a House?

Just like other creatures, spiders seek the basic necessities they need for survival: opportunities for shelter, water, food, and a place to reproduce. Any house that provides these elements is likely going to see a population of spiders at some point. It is important to figure out what these specific factors are to prevent spiders from being drawn in so easily.

To stop attracting spiders, it is critical to identify whether a house provides easy access to:

  • A safe habitat – Spiders especially like places that are dark, although some species like cool, damp areas, whereas others are drawn to warm, dry areas. Attics, cupboards, garages, wardrobes, basements, and even sinks can all provide these sources of shelter.
  • A supply of food – Even though spiders don’t eat human trash or leftover food, other insect pests do, and these bugs are what draw spiders. To stop spiders from being attracted, there needs to be no food supply available for them.

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Does Spider Extermination Work?

Spider control can be an effective way to manage spider infestations in the home or even businesses. There are effective ways to exterminate spiders, including insecticides, sprays, powders, and baits. While spider extermination alone may work, it should not be considered the only measure of spider control. It is important to also employ prevention measures to stop spiders from entering the home at all.

How Professionals Stop a Spider Infestation

The first step of spider control is performing a thorough examination of the entire property. Professionals know where spiders like to lurk, as well as how to find their entrances into a house. Even the smallest cracks along windows, pinholes in the walls, or gaps beneath doors can let in these persistent creatures. Large holes may need to be repaired, while small spaces need to be sealed off with secure caulking.

Next, any existing spiders, as well as their egg sacs, must be eliminated. Our professionals can use multiple methods to trap them, including the ones hiding in the darkest corners. This should always be performed after the house has been sealed. Otherwise, even as the current population is being eradicated, a new infestation might begin to enter. 

Types of Utah Spiders

It is crucial to hire a knowledgeable pro that can eradicate all types of spiders that may be lurking inside the home. Depending on the species, one spider might like a different habitat than another, which would then require a different elimination strategy. Our specialists are ready to identify the spider and the right technique to eradicate it.

Some of the most common spiders inside Salt Lake City households include:

  • Cellar spider
  • Crab spider
  • Jumping spider
  • Camel spider
  • Yellow sac spider
  • Black widow spider
  • Wolf spider
  • Hobo spider

Although it is never great to have any kind of infestation, the last four species from this list are especially harmful to humans. Seek help from our professionals at Prime Pest and Lawn to get rid of a spider problem fast.

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