Fertilization & Weed Control

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The trees, flowers, lawns, and other landscaping elements are essential parts of any home’s exterior. For maximum curb appeal, these components must be kept lush and healthy. To accomplish this important task, seek out reliable fertilization and weed control. Our knowledgeable team at Prime Pest and Lawn is ready to provide dependable support so that you love your yard.

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Why Lawn Fertilization Matters

It can be very difficult to keep lawns fresh and green in the state of Utah. The summers are scorching hot, and the winters can range from arid days to suddenly chilly, damp nights. These changeable temperatures, accompanied by the harsh, dry winds, make it hard for grass to grow. Fertilization is critical to help keep the lawn and other plants and foliage healthy and strong. Even though sunshine and water are of course important, without regular fertilizer treatments, plants will be missing vital minerals and vitamins. To improve the soil, reach out at once. Our regular treatments are the key to protecting homeowners’ beautiful landscape plans.

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The Importance of Noxious Weed Removal

Although most types of weeds are tough to remove, noxious weeds are especially difficult to get rid of. Not only are they stubborn, but they are highly prolific as well, able to rapidly take over a lawn before spreading their seeds. This allows them to quickly overtake other lawns as well. In fact, they are so effective at infesting people’s homes that the government has passed a law regarding control of these weeds. According to Rule R-68-9 of the Utah Noxious Weed Act, any sign of noxious weeds at a property requires rapid action from homeowners. To keep a lawn safe from these noxious weeds, always reach out to our professionals. 

We can get rid of even the toughest species, including:

  • Houndstongue
  • Musk, Scotch, and Canada thistles
  • Dalmatian toadflax
  • Bindweed
  • White head hoary cress
  • Knapweed
  • Dyers woad

What Is Involved with Comprehensive Weed Control

Before starting any kind of weed treatment, specialists need to take a detailed inspection of the property. This allows them to locate the youngest weeds and remove these quickly with a powerful form of weed killer. Mature weeds will refuse to die by this method, however, so the heads and stalks must be carefully cut off and removed. This process requires great precision to prevent the weed heads from scattering seeds that would start new plants. After this removal, specialists will apply treatment to the leaves and the remaining weed crown. This begins the process of destroying the rest of the plant. To get started with this thorough weed removal program immediately, get in touch with our talented techs at Prime Pest and Lawn.

Our skilled team is ready to help with prompt fertilization and weed control, so just give us a call at (385) 438-2920.

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